How To Make ESIC E Challan Payment Online?



ESIC Online Challan Payment :- Employees State Insurance which is abbreviated as ESI, is a self-financed health insurance scheme for Indian workers. The funds received under the Employees’ State Insurance are operated by the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) under the provisions of the ESI Act 1948. The Employee State Insurance Corporation is a statutory and independent body under the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. esic payment status
Under the Employees’ State Insurance, some part of their wages are deposited with ESIC in the form of ESIC Online Challan Payment, following the provisions of the ESI Act 1948. In the case of every worker whose income is ? 21000 monthly or less, 3.25 percent of the total salary of the total employee is deposited by the employer / company and .75 percent by the employee under the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme. That is, 4% of the total payment is deposited.

The money deposited in the form of ESIC E Challan Payment provides security to him and his family at the time of any kind of illness, maternity, permanent or temporary disability, accidental death etc. Pehchan Smart Card (e Pehchan Card) has been provided to the employees using technology under the Digital India campaign. that can be used for health services.

The amount to be deposited under the Employees Insurance Scheme can be deposited through ESIC Online Challan Payment. This post will provide detailed information about the process to make the payment of ESIC E Challan. History of Employees’ State Insurance
In 1943, the Government of India appointed B. P. Adarkar to prepare a report on the health insurance of industrial workers. Based on this report, the Employment State Insurance Act was enacted in 1948, under which a social insurance scheme for industrial workers was envisaged. In order to protect the interests of workers from sickness, maternity, permanent or temporary physical disability, death due to injury at the time of employment.

The Act guarantees proper medical care to workers and their immediate dependents. The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation has been established by the Government of India for the successful operation of the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme. This scheme was first implemented in Kanpur and Delhi on 24 February 1952. The benefits provided by this Act to the employees are in line with the International Labor Organization Convention.
ESIC Online Challan Payment Process
From November 2016 onwards, all ESIC e-Challan payment related to Employees’ State Insurance Scheme can be done online only. So it is necessary for every employee/employer to know about the process to pay ESIC E Challan online. Every employee should generate ESIC e Challan first before 15th of the month otherwise they may be liable to penalty.


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